Tifo Displays

What Is Tifo?

Tifo, originally the Italian word for the phenomenon of supporting a team, is mostly used as a name for any choreography displayed by fans in the stands during a soccer match.

What’s The Point?

Tifo is the visual manifestation of our commitment to the team. The driving force for creating these spectacles is to help support the players on the pitch by igniting excitement in the stadium to give them the motivation they need to dominate the game.

Want To Participate?

Planning, production and deployment of tifo require many hours of work. They include hand-painted banners, hand-sewn trapos, flags and are 100% independently designed, engineered, funded and produced by the ultra fans.

We aspire to always create great displays. We need great ideas and people to execute them, though. Let us know if you’re interested in helping with either or both.

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